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… in response to the question: “How do we write a script that would cause a revelation in the minds of the police, judges, prosecutors, governors, military personnel, state officials etc., to get them to stop and think about who and what they are serving and how to get them to know that the same dark forces that they are serving will turn on them, and that what they are perpetrating is total slavery for all of mankind including themselves as well as their current and future family.”

1. For everything that follows, I ask that you do your own investigation and do not rely upon mine. For every reference to PROVINCE OF ALBERTA, you can substitute the name of the subsidiary corporation which employs you. For every reference to “Alberta Province”, you can substitute the land on which you are living and over which you have been misled to believe you have some jurisdiction. The following is only for those in  possession of an honourable, open mind. “Man” describes both ‘men’ and ‘women’.

2. The only reason you believe you have authority over another Man is because you have been told, by one whom you believe has authority over you, that one Man can have authority over another; yet, how can that be, particularly when you have agreed to the rules in your policy manual, one of which states that “we are all equal under the law” (see §15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).  In fact, the opposite is true. You have sworn an Oath of Office to protect the rights of the people. If you are at work and being paid, who is paying you?

3. CANADA is defined as “water” and “corporation”, not land. There is no land called Canada. There is land which is described as “Canada” on paper and on maps, yet, it is a  description in ‘fiction’.

4.  The corporation called PROVINCE OF ALBERTA is not registered to do business in Alberta province. The corporation for which you work has no licence to do business.  Even worse for you is that it cannot lawfully involve itself in the affairs of any Man. So, all of its corporate profit is obtained unlawfully.  CRA will be notified of this “unreported income”.

5.  Consider: a Man was arrested and taken to jail instead of to a magistrate where both he and the complainant could be heard.  The Man, during the HOURS he was held, by a Policy Enforcer (PE), was NEVER charged. The PE spent those HOURS at a computer looking for a Name to charge. The PROVINCE might have jurisdiction over a Name, yet, the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA has admitted that it “has no jurisdiction over the people of Alberta.”  After all that time, in the end, the PE charged not the Man but a Name, owned by the corporation and which the Man uses to operate in commerce. Had the Man truly been a suspect, the PE would have charged him  immediately, wouldn’t he?  Why didn’t he?  He couldn’t because the Man is not subject to any charges, as the “laws” of the corporation, Canada, do not apply to any Man. They apply only to the employees of the corporation. (Do not go unconscious! – stay with this; your commercial viability and liability depend upon your knowing this.)

So, when the Man did not go to court on date because … well, why would He when there are no more “courts of law” – there are only “courts of commerce”, an attorney sent a letter stating there was a warrant issued for the arrest of the Name for “Failure To Appear”. You and I both know that the Name was already in court on date. How do we know? … The Name is what the judge called that day. Why? … The Name is what got charged. Who is the surety for the Name?  In this case, it is THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA.  Accordingly, it is that corporation which must cough up any fines. A man can waive all government benefits and privileges so, since the Crown is the prosecutor which represents that corporation, then it is the prosecutor who will be stuck with paying the bill.

The attorney letter was, therefore, very revealing, however, again, it had nothing to do with the Man, unless, of course, one of you – clerk of court, attorney, judge, peace officer, etc. can prove it does. No warrant was ever issued for the Man; the warrant was issued for a Name. When, out of curiosity, the Man requested a copy of said warrant, the clerk of the court dishonoured Him. Is it because the warrant has nothing to do with the Man?  You and I both know the answer is “Yes!” unless, of course, you are relying upon an alleged “contract”. You cannot proceed in any way without a Man’s consent. So, was he coerced and threatened to sign some fiction paper wherein He agreed to show up in court?  Was He deliberately lied to and misled to believe something untrue? Was there full disclosure?  Surely, you know that any contract obtained via any of those means is invalid!  The Man was not bound because the ‘contract’ lacked the primary requirement of ALL contracts:  a meeting of the minds. None of you has anything to do with ‘justice’ or ‘restitution’ which are the purposes of any “court of law”; is this not true? It is easy to conclude from this that there are no courts of law, only courts of commerce. It IS all about the almighty buck.

I am truly sorry that your grasp of contract law is so lacking. You cannot lawfully do anything with or to any Man without his express consent. I suspect you would not agree to my telling you how to run your life?  Then, how can you think anyone else might?  This is all just one huge commercial venture for all of you and you are not even licensed to do this!  If I were in your circumstance, I should prepare myself for serious penalties … or quit. Remember Principal IV of the Nuremberg Trials: those who claimed “I was only following orders” were also executed.

6. The Governor General of Canada (the corporation, not the waters) has posted on her website that there is no ‘de jure’, only a ‘de facto’, government. Section 15 of the Criminal Code of Canada© (hereinafter CCC© – notice it is copyrighted which means that no Man can use this “code” so, it follows that if we can’t use it, it most certainly cannot apply to us) states that no one is obligated to obey any law of any de facto government. However, those who do agree to obey them, such as those who work for the corporation Canada, i.e.: all peace officers, judges, attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, are obliged to obey the policy manual for Canada, the corporation. Said “laws” have nothing to do with any Man because We are not employed by the corporation, Canada, and we never agreed to obey them. If you are having trouble grasping this concept, please consider this analogy:

Your friend goes to work at Sears. He is required to read the policy manual wherein he discovers, “Sandals are not to be worn at ANY time.” You meet him in the park for a walk and you happen to be wearing sandals. He tells you that you are not permitted to wear sandals and, to prove it, he whips out his Sears Policy Manual and points to the section. What are your first words after, “What are you smoking?!”  You tell him that this manual applies only to Sears employees because they are the only ones who agreed to it. NO policies, aka “laws”, of ANY corporation apply to anyone who does not agree to them and, let’s be honest, no one who does not work for the corporation would ever wittingly do so. Accordingly, all “Laws of Canada” – the corporation, apply to its employees ONLY. So, no Man is bound by the CCC©, yet, YOU ARE. So, any Peace Officer, acting as a Policy Enforcer for the PROVINCE, who steals property, in which a Man is in peaceful possession, including his body (see §39.1 of the CCC ©) is in violation of §322 of the CCC© because he agreed to be subject to that code. That code has nothing to do with any other Man. It was designed to keep YOU in line, not us, just as Sears Policy Manual is designed to keep in line its employees – not its customers. What makes you think you can impose this upon those of us who not only are not employed by Canada, the corporation, but also don’t even shop there?

7. Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that we are all equal under the law. This is for YOUR information, not ours. So, unless a Man granted you, knowingly, willingly, and intentionally, authority over Him, NO ONE has any authority over Him – not even the laws of a private, foreign, belligerent corporation, commonly known as “The Government of Canada” which is owned by the World Bank aka International Monetary Fund.

8. If you or any of your minions, commonly known as Police, ever drag any Man, against His will, into a court of commerce to appear in front of a man in a black dress, the first question the Man will ask is, “By what authority do you come before me?” As you know, the “judge” cannot answer this because he cannot prove he has any authority over any Man. People are waking up by the thousands, every day, and learning that since ‘court’ doesn’t even exist until we show up, that Man has the right to arrest that “judge” along with any others who do not obey his orders.

9. For your sakes, I suggest you all take the time to study quantum physics whereby we learn that everything that occurs in our lives demands, at an energetic level, agreement of all involved or else it could never occur. Ergo, now you know that no Man can be found “guilty” of anything because there is no Common Law Court where this can occur. There are only courts of commerce (“money”) which no longer have anything to do with any Man unless he contracts in which he NEVER wittingly does. ‘Guilt’ is just ‘egotistical judgement’ – the very illusion by which you do your job every day. Every occurrence in life is due to our agreement, albeit 95% of said agreements come from our unconscious mind which is why we are so stunned by life-events to which we would never consciously agree. EVERYTHING in life is done by AGREEMENT – aka CONTRACT – conscious or not – and no one ever has any right to judge these events. Taking 100% responsibility, however, for circumstances we don’t like, IS the power to create the shift we all want to experience. (read: Zero Limits by Dr. Vitale and Dr. Hew Len)

Until you can prove that any Man intentionally granted you authority over him, which you and I both know is not a possibility, your orders, citations, warrants, charges, and any and all other fiction paper apply only to the fiction entity – the Name – and, until you prove that we ARE a Name and not a Man, or that we are the surety for that Name, we will carry on our lives as we choose, just as, we trust, you will do the same with yours. We do not bother trying to trick you into believing that we have authority over your lives so, the question begs asking, why do you effort in tricking us into believing that you have authority over ours?  For ‘money’?  Oh! If only it still existed!  So, to that end, please let us all know how much you want in order for us to settle. With the Certificate of Birth in our possession, we can authorize you to access that registered account in order to set-off your debt. You are the one who created the debt (charge) and, since the one who creates the debt must provide the remedy, all you have to do is send us a signed bill in order for us to set-off your debt. (see: Bills of Exchange Act of Canada, § 57.1) Remember that since HJR 192, June 5, 1933, the people can neither incur nor pay any debt.

Your failure to prove, within 10 days, that you have ANY authority over Me, the Man, will constitute your tacit agreement that the following is true:

1.  I am the only authority in my life;

2.  I can do what I choose to do as long as I do not hurt another Man  and, even if I do unintentionally harm another Man, it was by agreement, at some level of energy which most of you do not yet comprehend, and of which we are probably consciously unaware, which still makes it NONE of your business;

3.  As I accept your offer of your oath of office wherein you have sworn to protect My rights, you agree to be culpable if anyone attempts to prevent me from living my life in a manner in which I choose and which, unlike yours, is for the purpose of assisting others;

4. I cannot hurt any faceless, heartless corporation, e.g.: THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA,  ergo, none of you can lawfully file any claim against Me without violating YOUR law which tells you that you cannot bring forth a false claim.

Now that you know this – do yourselves a favour and be willing to give up your job for the truth. You’ll never have to work again; your life will change for the better; you will be happy; your “four (4) !!! times the national average” spousal abuse and suicides will plummet.  Do you know that the cause of this is due to your inner conflict of: doing a job which only harms your fellow Man and knowing that you ARE that Man?  Imagine doing what you love to do every day and serving your fellow Man, i.e.: yourself, by doing so? 

Imagine how people will interact with each other when they know they cannot harm another person, place, condition or thing without harming themselves.  Imagine the difference when people everywhere accept the divine truth:  as they give, so shall they receive.  (Mayan) Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj

I suggest you pass this along to your fellows and stop the nonsense by which you believe you are being compensated for your labour, which, by the way, you are not, yet, this is another subject. The drift is that since you are being ‘paid’ with debt notes, not ‘money’, anything you purchase with debt notes belongs to the ones to whom you owe for using them. You do not ‘own’ your house, car, because you purchased them with debt, not substance. Won’t you be surprised when they are taken from you just as you are taking them from others? Think about how you are slave-labouring, every day, for a faceless, heartless corporation which is stealing not only your life but also those of your children and grandchildren… not to mention the life of our planet.

If not you, who?  If not now, when? 

Wake up to your life for your life.



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